Bristol houses

Monday, 22 December 2014

Bristol is famous for it's colourful houses and it's something that really adds character to our beautiful city. It always makes us smile when we go out for our walks around our neighbourhood to see these cheery colours and they make for great backdrops too!

Lots of houses in the city are victorian and although I absolutely love victorian architecture for it's character and detailing one downside is they are often fairly dark and natural light it hard to come by during the winter months. Often houses like these extend to the attic to create an extra room but it can be tricky to keep these from not feeling too small and lacking in brightness.

There are tricks to help increase natural light in our homes (adding mirrors can help a little to bounce off what light makes it in from the windows) but if you are thinking of a renovation then a sky light is a great idea. It is important to set these up with good roof blinds especially if its a childs room so as not to let the daylight in too early! Black out blinds truly are a godsend for parents, best tip we ever learnt!

It can be pretty pricey to pay for home improvements though so looking for a loan can often be a great way to help with these type of projects. Applying for one can actually be pretty consumer-friednly, with peer-to-peer lending platforms in particular offering APRs starting from as low as 5%. 

Another trick for brightening up bedrooms is to make sure you use clean soft colours for the walls and furnishings. Try and embrace white with a few pops of colour rather than a varied colour theme so as not to make the space seem smaller.

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