Bristol children's illustrator - Hannah Broadway

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bristol is brimming with creative types, it's one of the reason's I moved here, you can't help but feel inspired living in a city like this with art and artists everywhere!

I first met Hannah Broadway attending a pregnancy class and our children were born just days apart. I had been a long time fan of her work pre pregnancy and actually owned a few of her prints from her 'little things in life' series. However since having a kiddo I've added a few of her and her husband's children's books to my/our collection!

Such a wonderful creative duo! Do check out the Monkey and Robot collection perfect for the Bristol kiddo (and kiddo's in general!)


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  1. Ah thanks fritha! Just did a reading of these at ursula's nursery, watching 20 2 year olds pretend to plant seeds like monkey &robot was glorious!


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