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Monday, 31 March 2014

We have another lovely guest blogger on Bristol With Kids here today. Carolin is a parenting blogger residing in our lovely city and writing over at Mummy Alarm. You can also follow Carolin on Twitter and Facebook.

Over to you Carolin!

Bristol might be the eighth largest city in the UK, but it also has an incredible amount of parks and green areas. Windmill Hill City Farm, located just half a mile south of the city centre, is one of these green oases and we like to come here when we long for a little escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Amy loves seeing all the different animals and can't stop asking questions about them when we explore the farm. If you're no animal expert, don't fear. There are plenty of signs all around the farm that tell you everything you need to know about animals you'll see on you stroll. Really handy, if you don't have terribly much to say about guinea pigs.

Windmill Hill City Farm is not massive, but it's big enough to spend an hour there and the perfect size for young walkers who get tired easily. Everything is fenced off, so that kids can't run into the road and you really feel like you are somewhere in the country side while strolling around the grounds.

You can find a communal garden with colourful flowers beds and pumpkin patches. Chicken coops with cockerels and hens from France as well as sheep and goats. Amy's favourite part of the farm however is the pig sty with three incredibly lazy pigs. She loves them and every time we go, she talks about them for days, no weeks. She really loves them, but nothing made her giggle more than the calves that tickled her hands with their sandpaper-like tongues.

Windmill Hill City Farm really is a wonderful place for all the family, if you are looking for an inner-city alternative to a trip to the countryside. It's free (with the farm asking for voluntary donations – in the most non-pushy way), allows kids to roam and explore and has a nice adventure playground on site – plus there's cake and coffee available in the little cafĂ© on site. What's not to like?

Windmill Hill City Farm is open all year, but make sure to check out the website to see, if there are any special events on. There's also a regular toddler group and adventure days for kids, again more details available on the website.  

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