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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bristol Story telling festival has been running since 2007, started by Martin Maudsley to promote the art of story telling. National story telling week runs at the beginning of February and has lots of Bristol's major venues involved. You can find more information about Bristol Storyfest on their website .

We went along to Whispering Woods presents Secrets of the Fey in Easton's All Hallows Hall a couple of weeks ago and this is how we found it.

The venue was decorated wonderfully with lots of leaves, vines and goblin faces peeking out of a wall of holly. We thought the fairy bedroom was really well done and the children were all running in to have a look and run around it before the performance started. It really set the scene for the story that was to unfold.

We were told to sit anywhere as the performance would be moving around a lot so we chose a couple of chairs at the back next to another couple of families and waiting for the story telling to start.

The music was performed by 'Ailsa Huges and her elven orchestra' and it was really fantastic, there was lots of atmospheric pieces along with some fairy type singing which the children all loved. The aerial performances were by Nina Bambrey + Ziggy Sligsby and were very impressive. 

Unfortunately a fair bit of the time the performers had their backs to us so we did miss out on a bit of the story which I also felt was perhaps suited to an older audience, under fives are free and I think would be perfectly content if you were bringing a older child (of around 8 upwards I would think would be the most applicable) but perhaps not be able to keep up with the story line if you planned on just taking a younger child as we did. 

I know the performance was going to be played again in leigh woods and I think this would have added to the theme brilliantly (with it being about fairies in the woods!) so I would recommend trying to watch them again there with an older child if possible. 

You can find out more about the Whispering Woods here

We were offered discounted tickets for purposes of this review. 

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