M Shed, Bristol’s Museum where you can come and play!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Bristol has some great indoor attractions and M Shed is a lovely place for children to learn about the city’s history. 

It has a great iconic dockside location with plenty to see inside and out!

M Shed offers special back packs for children under seven, to become explorers around the Museum. Complete with a photo trail, binoculars and magnifying glass, children are encouraged to hunt high and low. Kits are available for £2 from the M Shed shop.

We love the interactive exhibitions, the chances to dress up and play shop.

This Easter the M Shed is showing off its family friendly credentials with special exhibitions focussing on the history and science of toys, chocolate and inventions. An Aardman exhibition opening this summer is also bound to bring families flocking.

It has a gentler pace than venues such as At Bristol, and has a very clear purpose to tell Bristol’s story. Its a thoughtful, and thought provoking experience for children as a result.

With its interactive exhibits and changing exhibitions it has a lot to offer to young visitors. You can understand why it was nominated for the Kids in Museums 2013 Telegraph Family Friendly Museum Award. And we love that it is free!

Read more about family trips and all that is on offer at http://mshed.org/visiting/family-visits/

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  1. We loved our visit to M Shed when we were in Bristol the other week. Great museum and the kiddos had a great time


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