Bristol Aquarium

Friday, 28 March 2014

Bristol Aquarium for kids
We really enjoy taking trips down to the aquarium and have been there a number of times to see all the fish. It is so well looked after and great for a wander around. There's loads to see here in a variety of inside and outside spaces which range from small tanks to absolutely huge underwater experiences which you can view from above, from the side and even walk through.

Bristol Aquarium for kids
I absolutely love the variety of fish they have - from local species found in the Bristol Channel to more tropical varieties in a whole array of colours.

They have some small sharks and a huge octopus. My daughter is a big seahorse fan so we always spend a long time watching them! 

Bristol Aquarium for kids

There are also a few other species such as turtles and frogs to look at and they have lots of different talks where you can go to hear about the different fish and see them being fed. We watched the frogs hopping around to eat little flies on one visit which was fascinating - especially with their long tongues!

Bristol Aquarium for kids

The staff are brilliant, really friendly and always happy to stop and chat about them. Last time we went earlier in the week one of the staff was telling us all about their Clown Fish which was great to hear about.

Bristol Aquarium for kids

Bristol Aquarium is a great trip out for rainy days!


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