Redpoint Climbing Centre - Bedminster

Friday, 14 February 2014

Redpoint Climbing Centre in Bedminster is an absolutely fantastic space for children from ages 4 upwards...and adults too!

It has numerous climbing walls, all scattered with brilliant coloured pegs to climb up. They have regular clubs - such as 'Mini Monkeys' for 4 - 7 year olds on weekend mornings right through to one-on-one tuition. It's an inspiring space and full of energy and fun!

We headed down at the weekend to give it a try.

Our four year old and seven year old met with Ben, one of the climbing instructors who showed them how to put on a harness and a helmet, and really put them at ease. To be honest, both of them felt a little apprehensive and Ben really sensed their nervousness and helped them explore the area at their own pace.

The Redpoint Climbing Centre is a really huge venue, but the area we used was tucked away from the rest of the action so they weren't disturbed or distracted. The space was being used by other novice climbers, but there was plenty of space for them to get comfortable.

The hour long session kicked off with our children being shown how they could use the "climbing hold" points to climb around. Then they moved onto putting a rope onto their harnesses and starting some basic climbing.

The instructor was attentive throughout the session making sure that both children had ample time to feel comfortable with trying out the climbing and setting some basic goals throughout the hour which involved them climbing to higher points and overcoming any fears they had at the beginning. By the end of the hour they were both climbing higher with confidence and enjoying taking turns. Abseiling back down was also a big hit.

We particularly loved that our four year old got a chance to take part with her older brother and that the session was pitched perfectly at them both, allowing them to try out climbing at a pace which suited them, while also pushing them gently to achieve new heights.

This is a perfect place for rainy days and children can join regular clubs to keep them climbing and gaining confidence. We can't wait to head back!

You can find out more and book sessions for children as part of groups or introductory lessons at http://www.redpointbristol.co.uk/

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