Eastville Park - Eastville, Easton

Monday, 24 February 2014

When I first visited Bristol (before I became a mum) I visited Victoria Park. My friend lived in that area of the city and I assumed that Victoria Park must be THE park in Bristol, it was so big and beautiful I just assumed that a city couldn't have more than one large open space like that. Silly me!

Bristol has SO many parks, its one of the things that made me fall in love with this city, there are simply parks everywhere. We will of course try to feature all of them on our blog but today I wanted to share with you Eastville Park.

Eastville Park is kind of a hidden treasure, not only that but once you have discovered the park you will end up discovering more and more parts of it you never even knew existed. You would be forgiven for thinking that it consisted of three large fields, play park and (empty) outdoor swimming pool, unless someone told you, you might never find the path down to the lake thats home to the swans, ducks (and a heron), the fields beyond there, the hidden woods and the paths along the river to Snuff Mills.

It's a place that holds special memories for our family, where we walked around the lake on our first day out as parents (with a four day old!). The day we put on our wellies and sailed paper boats down the river as a family of three. The picnics in the park, the king fisher we saw from the rickety bridge, the poo sticks we played over the stone wall and the conkers we collected in the Autumn.

Of course it is better visited in the spring and summer but why not take a trip down to feed the swans or take a stroll to Snuff Mills to walk the dog? You won't be disappointed!


  1. I LOVE that video! You all look like you had an ace time - I never thought of Bristol as somewhere that had so many outdoor spaces!

  2. It looks so beautiful here and i LOVE your skirt/dress! Is it a skirt or a dress? The pattern is perfect x

  3. Ah I love these photographs, it looks like a great park. I love that Bristol has such beautiful places within the city.

  4. Looks lovely, need to come for two weeks bit two days!!!

  5. I love how Wilf always look so happy! So many good parks in Bristol x


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