Bristol Children's Playhouse - Eastville

Monday, 10 February 2014

Bristol Children's Playhouse (or The Playhouse as it's known) is one of those places where as soon as I'm there I wonder why we don't visit more often. It is a charity run space that offers a really supportive environment. It's been open since the seventies and is a really important part of the community.

Open from 9.30-1pm every weekday with a £1 admission charge the Playhouse is run by a group of enthusiastic and passionate staff. Local organisations also drop in on certain days such as a member of the library staff for story time or health visitors dropping in to be on hand for any questions parents might have.

I remember visiting once and feeling slightly overwhelmed not knowing any of the parents there and a member of staff immediately included us in an activity. The children are encouraged to free-play with any of the toys but there are also set activities going on all the time - from painting and crafting to singing and story time.

There is also a wonderful large outdoor space with climbing frames, playhouses, sandpits and tricycles. The weather was too bad to go out there on our last visit but it's great for the spring and summer.

The Playhouse also provides invaluable support for parents seeking advice on a variety of subjects including benefit support or single parent networks. It really is a wonderful place.

You can find more information on the Bristol Children's Playhouse on their website or like on Facebook

photos are not allowed at the playhouse to protect any visitors or member of staff privacy unless with permission. I asked to take these images and the child featured is my son (f) 

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